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Heath Oakes is a millennial mogul whose Ignorance on Fire led him to fail his way to success.

Jenny Anchondo is an Emmy-award winning journalist whose sharp eye and biting wit have led to her storied career in television.

Together, they tackle today’s headlines —  in way only an odd couple with a dash of perfect opposite can.

The headlines are a jumping off point and this duo takes it from there, to give the audience a “Second Shot” and pull a life lesson from the news of the day. The goal is inspiration, motivation and up-leveling your life.

So kick back, relax, and join the conversation. This is Second Shot, with your hosts, Heath Oakes and Jenny Anchondo.

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Meet Your Hosts

Heath Oakes


Heath Oakes considers himself a “millennial who has failed his way to success”. In fact, he even wrote a book about it, titled Ignorance On Fire; A Journey of Failing Your Way to Success.

He went from dealing with dyslexia and barely graduating high school to a having a successful career in sales. Heath built two highly successful insurance agencies before the age of 23. Then, he was hired as the youngest Territory Sales Manager in Colonial Life history. He has now been with the company for more than ten years and leads a sales team of more than 600 people.

As someone who didn’t go to college, he has a passion for empowering others to believe in themselves,  no matter the circumstances. That’s where the Second Shot Podcast comes in. The podcasts aims to inspire, motivate and empower.  Heath sincerely believes in Zig Ziglar’s philosophy “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Heath also has a passion for investing in commercial and residential real estate. He’s currently the co-owner of a restaurant and bar in Tyler, Texas called The Garage Bar.

Heath and his wife Jenny (who happens to be his podcast co-host) are the proud parents of 2-year-old Brighton Valentina.


Jenny Anchondo is a Emmy-Award-winning news anchor, host and reporter. She has worked for CBS, NBC and Fox at TV stations all over the country. Most recently,  she was the co-host of the nationally syndicated show, Morning Dose.

Previously, Jenny worked as an anchor and reporter for top-rated Fox 4 news in Dallas, serving as the single host of the Saturday and Sunday morning broadcasts.

Along with her husband Heath, Jenny co-hosts this podcast which is an inspirational and motivational show that takes a  “second shot” at the news stories of the day.

Jenny also works as a media coach and mentor to individuals and businesses looking to book interviews and effectively get their message across on camera.

Jenny and Heath are new parents to 2-year-old Brighton Valentina and their rescue dog, Charley.

Jenny Anchondo

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